Feel free to contact Dave Nelson with any other questions you may have at: sfwg.ww86@gmail.com

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. (Q)May I attend one of your meetings as a visitor?

  2. (R)Yes. You may attend 2 meetings without becoming a member.

  1. (Q)How much is the membership fee?

  2. (R)The annual membership fee is $50.00.

  1. (Q)When and where are the meetings held?

  2. (R)The meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00pm in a function room at: VFW Hall, 350 SW 25th St., Ft. Lauderdale, FL, 33315.  (Map)

  1. (Q)Where I can attend woodworking classes?

  2. (R)The closest woodworking classes you may attend are in Tampa  

  1. (Q)What happens at the meetings?

  2. (R)The members display things they have made, there are discussions and a demonstration of woodworking techniques.

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